Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Alpinist & Finisterre - Split (2008)

->Alpinist: Sludge-based Hardcore from Munster, Germany
->Finisterre is a dark HC-Crust band with dual fe/male vocals from Cologne, Germany 

Thanx to both bands for sharing! :>

01 Alpinist - Wortlos
02 Alpinist - Kreise Ziehen
03 Alpinist - Weisse Feder
04 Alpinist - Nachtlager
05 Finisterre - Casino Aachen
06 Finisterre - Gruner + Jahr
07 Finisterre - Asphalt
08 Finisterre - Depression
09 Finisterre - Ums Ganze
10 Finisterre - Jijl

Alpinist & Finisterre - Split (2008)
Genre: Crustcore, Metal, Sludge, D-Beat
256 kBit/s
73,39 MB



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