Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Night Gaunts - Love Life & The Devil (2012)

The awesome new album from the Auckland synth sing-a-long Reggae Skacore Hip-Hop heros with a very special recommendation!

more ->HERE

And again big thanx to the band for sharing!!! :>

01 Mosquitoes
02 Ill Informed
03 Pink Lagoon
04 Under Stars
05 Crowned By The Devil
06 Money Money Money

Night Gaunts - Love Life & The Devil (2012)
Genre: Skacore / Skapunk/ Reggae / Dub/ Hip Hop
320 kBit/s
59,48 MB



The Prophet said...

Hello, can you exchange the link of my blog (ProphetOfDeath) for this new link? greetings!

vomito said...

VOMITOPUNKROCK seal records, with the idea of ​​taking on vinyl, 12 ", these little recordings of the 80s, and what better to start with the k7 of" the struggle continues ".
This k7 originally drawn by NDF in 1985, after a concert put on by NDF, which acted: Anti / Dogmatikss, Defense and L'odi social. NDF was made ​​by Joni Destroy fanzine, which recently brought the book "pagui pujol" tremendous book showing the Barcelona punk 80s.
Joni to actively collaborated in this project, passing the MASTER of the recording of the concert and we were passing the fanzine that came with the K7, which we added to the LP and a brief explanation of the project as it was in 1985.

SoundsOfDevastation Blog said...

Would you like exchange link? Greets!

SoundsOfDevastation Blog said...

sure my friend :)

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Haut Court said...


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Anonymous said...

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crobl005 said...

Mia Mossberg78 said...


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