Monday, May 7, 2012

E123 & I Know - Split (2011)

->E123: Political Crust'n'Grind from Kirov, Russia
more ->HERE

I Know: fe/male fronted melodic Anarchocrustpunk
from Minsk/Belarus


01 E123 - Матери снова хоронят своих сыновей...
02 E123 - Дети
03 E123 - Пасть
04 E123 - Противостояние
05 I Know - Репрессии
06 I Know - Системный рак
07 I Know - Сектор Газа
08 I Know - Отпечаток
09 I Know - Outro

E123 & I Know - Split (2011)
Genre: Crust/Grindcore/Anarcho-HC-Punk
20 kBit/s
49,69 MB


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Marky Love said...

I wasn't sure how to contact you, so I'm just posting here, I apologize

My band just release a demo yesterday, we wondering if you'd like to put it up on your blogspot? 
Our names' Generic Life. We're from El Paso, TX . We're not sure about what genre we fall under, but does it really matter? If Flux of Pink Indians and Crass had a baby, I think we're what it would sound like. We've been in the whole punk scene since about 5th grade, and been playing shows since then under the name Toxic System. After a few line up changes and going through our own personal problems, we're finally now Generic Life. We're all 17 by the way
Here's the download link to our tracks

Sorry they're not all together, we don't have that premium account. 

Here's our Facebook page, we just started it up